New co-op mode unveiled for The Darkness II

Jackie Estacado returns to face the demonic force within in The Darkness II, but this time he is not alone. Publisher 2K Games has unveiled a new mode, “Vendettas,” which will allow gamers to jump into Jackie’s battle together.

Vendettas will run parallel to the single player campaign, as well as feature a series of standalone missions dubbed “Hit List.” Players are given the choice of four different characters to play as, each with their own unique way to utilize the Darkness but with one common goal in mind – to take on The Brotherhood, an ancient society that aims to take control of the Darkness and use it for their own designs.

The members of this rag-tag crew are not all that different from other co-op centric titles, like Left 4 Dead, but Digital Extremes puts a Darkness spin on it. The Scottish Jimmy has an axe which he can hurl into an enemy and summon it back to him like a twisted version of a boomerang.

Shoshonna and Inugami make use of a Darkness-infused gun and samurai sword respectively. The voodoo doctor, DuMond, adds a tactical aspect to the game, as he can maneuver objects to reveal enemies locations and open them up to the impending onslaught of the Darkness.

All the characters gain XP like Jackie, allowing for some degree of customization. Though its impact on the storyline is yet to be determined, Vendettas will, at the very least, add another option for gamers to experience The Darkness universe.

The Darkness II comes to light again February 7, 2012.



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