New content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma coming in September

Ninja Gaiden Sigma front flipped its way to the Playstation 3 just a month ago and it’s highly probable that some players new to Team Ninja’s acclaimed modern day classic are still trying to overcome the challenging levels that the game is packed with while desperately trying their best to avoid earning "Ninja Dog" as their ranking title at the post-mission stats screen.

For those of you who have earned "Master Ninja" on every level, collected every last Golden Scarab, and completed all of the extra missions, you’ll be getting a new reason to once again assume the role of the katana wielding super ninja, Ryu, and the well endowed fiend hunter, Rachel, soon enough.

In a yet to be priced content download coming in September, players will be able to accumulate karma like crazy in three brand new variations of the game’s survival mode.

Weapon Master features the condition in which players will take on hordes of foes with one particular weapon and nothing more.

In Speed Master, players will have to focus on delivering their most devastating combos on foes in a timely manner.

Rachel Master forces fans of the blonde haired beauty to face the same challenges as Ryu under the same conditions the aforementioned challenges possess.

When the price of the download is to our knowledge, GamerNode will let our readers know how much it’ll cost them to make themselves into a living legend on the new worldwide ranking system Tecmo is creating specifically for the new survival mode missions.

[Via 1UP]


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