New Details on PS3 Launch Price

Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corp., has given further details on the PS3™s price-point today in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Stringer said that the pricing of the PS3, (considered by many to be too high for a next-gen game console) will still be relatively inexpensive if compared to the prices of next-gen DVD players sold. To bring this point home, Stringer said, [The] PS3 is a subsidized Blu-ray [player] that will sell 20 million units. The first [fully dedicated] HD player will be on the market for $1,000. PS3 could be at $300 or $400. Sony will be selling them at a loss the first six months to a year just to get Blu-ray players out in the market. So [movie] studios realize they need to have their content on it." The PS3 will hit the ground running, ready to play next-gen DVD movies. The failure of the Xbox 360 to incorporate next-gen DVD technology into their game console has apparently cost Microsoft dearly. The film studios have been hopping on the Blu-ray band wagon, in droves, to showcase their movies on the only game in town


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