New Devil May Cry 4 characters revealed!

For what seems like a lifetime, Capcom has managed to keep a tight lid on all things Devil May Cry 4. The game made an appearance at E3, but the only thing on display was a demo that was shown to the press five months ago. There was no new trailer to provide even the slightest story details. With a recently announced March ’08 release date (which is more than enough to make many frown in disappointment), DMC fanatics were going nuts wondering when they’d get a peek at anything new.

Luckily, the wait wasn’t terribly long. Early this morning (for us North Americans), the Japanese website for Devil May Cry 4 was updated with images of three new, interesting looking characters: Credo, Agnus, and Gloria. The trio appears to be an ally of Nero’s in addition to being apart of the Order of the Sword, the Sparda (a half man, half demon who turned his back on the demon world in favor of protecting humanity) worshiping group located in the city of Fortuna that the fan favorite Dante (the son of Sparda) is trying to take down for a non disclosed reason.

Considering I am incapable of translating Japanese text, I really can’t provide too much information on these characters until the English site is updated, which shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

One thing we do know? Gloria is the most attractive dagger wielding heroine in video games.






[Official Devil May Cry 4 Japanese Website]


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