New Display Technology Is Coming: The CNT

Have you heard of the “nanotubes?” No, it’s not the latest emo band coming out of Malibu, but a new, and possibly revolutionary display technology. Motorola has been working on something called CNT/NED (carbon nanotube/nano emissive display) technology. The device is a flat panel display which uses TV phosphors, (the red, green and blue dots that glow on your display) and is only a mere 2 millimeters in thickness. According the Motorola, the display won’t be built, in the traditional way of assembling an electronic display, but will be “grown” onto glass plates. Jim O’Connor, vice president of technology at Motorola said, "We have developed a technology that could enable the next generation of large size flat panel displays to deliver an extraordinary visual experience at a fraction of current prices,” as reported by Extremetech. Bob O’Donnell, director of technology at IDC said, "Demand for large flat panel displays will not explode until manufacturers reach a price point that is reasonable to the average consumer. For this reason, we believe the market is ripe for a disruptive technology, such as carbon nanotubes, that provides a CRT quality image at a cost that is significantly lower than current plasma and LCD offerings." So what does this all mean to gamers? Imagine portable handheld game consoles costing less than a hundred dollars. How about a 30” television for less than $300? Everything that incorporates present day LCD technology could be replaced by the CNT displays and cost less too. Motorola has a working 5” CNT, but a company located in Austin, Texas, named Applied Nanotech, has a working 25 inch TV prototype. Initial reports is that it is sharp, bright, and clear. Their process involves printing the nanotubes on glass. As display technology advances, the game industry will reap the benefits of this research, and that means better gaming for all of us. We can hardly wait.


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