New gamer drug helps with headshots

Drugs are bad mmkay?This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in months. Well, actually only a couple days, but that’s only because this guy was really damn stupid.

A German Pharmaceutical company called Tomarni has invented a new drug that supposedly will help you with your Counter-Strike skills.

They’re touting it as a gamer’s drug that will improve your reflexes and precision aim. Fatal1ty wannabe’s might be getting excited over this information, but when you take a look at the ingredients, it might as well be a can of Red Bull. The entirety of the drug is made up of vitamins and different types of synthetic sugars.

It’s called FPSbrain, and they’re charging EUR 19.90 (USD 29.13) for it. If this drug sells well, I will be appalled, and I offer the following statement preemptively in case it does…

Remember when we played games for fun?


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