New Halo 3 multiplayer map: Narrows

Halo 3 NarrowsAt a recent Halo 3 party thrown by Microsoft, reporters at Kotaku managed to dig up some information on the latest Halo 3 multiplayer map.

The map is called Narrows and, as you could probably have garnered from inference alone, is extremely slender. The fighting takes place on a long bridge that looks distinctly Forerunner in origin.

Bungie Community Manager Frankie has mentioned the map before, stating that it is a great place for epic sniper battles. Seeing as how you can probably get line-of-sight all the way down the bridge in some places, I completely believe that.

So while it’s not exactly the remake of Boarding Action that so many fans were hoping for, it still shows that Bungie has their snipers in mind when creating new content.

On a side note, does anybody know what’s up with this new Spartan armor? Maybe I’m just a Halo nerd (or not enough of one), but it’s definitely not Mjolnir Mark IV. Mark V?


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