New Killzone 2 footage

Not to be left out the mix of new gameplay footage from console selling software, the team behind Killzone 2 has been demonstrating their game as well. While no where near the level of completion of Halo 3, Killzone 2 is still shaping up to be a mighty good game. So here is two minutes of real time in-game footage showing off one of the new mechanics Killzone 2 is bringing to the FPS genre, Sneak and Peak. Sneak and Peak and pretty simple. Find cover, snap to the wall and fro there you can either blind fire or step out and aim more accurately. Yes, Gears of War had this as well as other FPS titles, but seeing it done in next-gen graphics complete with the power of the PlayStation 3 behind it — it’s hard not to get excited. Enjoy.


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