New MMO on the "block." Lego Universe coming

lego mmoWorld of Warcraft is the undisputed leader in MMOs, right?

Well perhaps so, but there is another MMO coming out that may capture a brand new audience and appeal to those who are intimidated by the vast landscape of witches, goblins and trolls in WoW.

What are we talking about? Why, an MMO called Lego Universe of course!

Lego Universe will allow players to build anything from within the game using Lego bricks. You buy the bricks by using a monetary system based on plastic. Cute, eh?

But if you’re low on the coin of the realm, you can always find bricks in the world or earn them by defeating enemies or completing quests and challenges. If you are lucky enough, you may find a stash of them in hidden treasure.

Lego Universe is slated to arrive on the scene in 2009 for the PC. For a look at how the Lego world will appear in the game, check out the concept art below.

[via dailygame]

lego 3


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