New Oddworld spotted sneaking in another game

Abe Don’t you just hate when news leaks, but doesn’t leak enough to tell you that much of anything. I sure do.

On the one hand, as you might have guessed, someone muffed and accidentally told Wilfrid Lauier University that they "can confirm that we’re working with Jeff on Oddworld stuff, but that’s all I can say at this time." That someone is none other than one of the founders of Maxis. Not Will Wright. The other guy, Jeff Braun.

But that’s all he said. I wasn’t even sure I should be excited or not. "Oddworld stuff," isn’t necessarily a game although it probably is. And we didn’t know if this stuff-that-may-be-a-game is just Citizen Seige, a game + movie combo that was announced in late 2006, or something else. Something new.

Well we do know… kinda. President of Oddworld Inhabitants, Lorne Lanning, has now confirmed with GamesIndustry that it is indeed a new title. I’m all for this. There aren’t enough good weird games like Oddworld for kids to play anymore. Oddoworld: Abe’s Odyssey was the first game I had for my PlayStation 1. And while I haven’t played any since, I still have an affinity for the series and try to keep tabs on what was planned as an eight game epic.

Although it’s unfortunate, I don’t even know who plays these games anymore. If you do, however, let us know in the comments. I’m really curious to know what everyone thinks of the franchise as it stands right now.


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