New Red Faction, Aliens, and Champions MMO info

RFIn the next issue of Game Informer, we are treated to a bunch of new and exclusive content regarding some pretty sweet sounding games.

First is an exclusive look at the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game which we’ll see for the PC and consoles sometime in 2009. It’s going to be a squad-based FPS, "which aims to recapture the tension and desperation of the earlier films." Tons more info and pics will be in the upcoming issue.

Cryptic Studios, fresh from selling its first MMORPG City of Heroes to NCsoft, is bringing a new MMO to both PCs and consoles called Champions Online. In Champions Online we will be able to take our own hero or villian and fight against the evils of the universe, or against other heroes and villians as well.

On top of all this news, new info and screens can be seen for Red Faction: Guerilla, the next game in the Red Faction series. GI plays around with the game’s highly destructible environments and top-notch graphics.



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