New Speculation On PS3 Launch Price: $400 or More

Whatever the market will bear, is a bit of sage business wisdom that has been floating around for years. What this boils down to is that businesses can charge whatever they want as long as the consumer doesn™t balk at the price of the goods. A real life example of this is gas prices. Gasoline prices steadily went up until a massive outcry was heard from the public. When the cost of a gallon of gasoline exceeded $3.00 per gallon, the market (us) could not bear it any longer and the prices mysteriously started to drop. Of course, the petroleum companies deny any linkage between the protests and their pricing scale, but essentially, that is what happened. The idea of whatever the market will bear has apparently been adopted by Sony, if speculation by industry analyst, P. McNealy, of American Technology Research, is correct. McNealy says that,


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