New "Survivor Mode" in Bioshock for PS3

bioshockIn October, the PS3 crowd will not only get a chance to sample their share of plasmids and partake in genetically altered states, they’ll also be able to experience something that their Xbox buddies were not able to see…a new game mode called "Survivor."

According to 2K Games’ official website, Cult of Rapture, Survivor mode will be harder than the hard mode currently found on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Ok, so just what is Survivor Mode?

2K says:

"It’s a new, highly challenging difficulty mode exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock.

"When we designed the original three difficulty modes of BioShock, we tried to define a spectrum encompasses as much of the shooter audience as we could, balanced as optimally as possible. However, we know there are gamers out there – ourselves included! – who are after a greater challenge than is provided by Hard difficulty.

"Besides that, a lot of Bioshock’s game mechanics become more interesting when the player is under pressure to use their abilities in a creative and efficient manner. So the impetus came just as much from the desire to highlight a less obvious dimension to the game’s mechanics, as to cater to the upper echelons of player skill.

"You won’t be blazing through spaces. You won’t be flush with resources. Every fight is a decisive, life-or-death struggle."

And I thought Hard mode was tough in the game. It looks like PS3 owners will get a chance to pull their hair out with this newest difficulty level.

Of course, they could always just use a hair growing plasmid to replace the bald spots…

[via 2Kgames]


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