New Tomb Raider: Underworld screenshots released

laraLara Croft is set to make her second appearance on next generation consoles after the successful revitalization of the Tomb Raider series (courtesy of Crystal Dynamics on the 2006 game TR: Legends and 2007 game TR: Anniversary), and it’s coming with a noticeably darker tone as indicated by its subtitle.

New screenshots of TR: Underworld have been released showing the beloved beauty doing the usual: shimmying across a ledge from a height that would make the average person shed tears from fear and maintaining her balance as she carefully walks along beam positioned above a body of water.

While none of the pictures reveal a refined form of the combat system from the last game, Lara is seen using her portable hook shoot to pull away a block composed of stone to uncover a space for her to crawl through.

Although I can appreciate the gorgeous, supremely detailed environment shown in these newly released shots, I’m really eager to see if the game will feature any innovations in the exploration end of the gameplay in addition to enhancements in the combat system (which many view as the sole sore point in Legends).

What do you readers think?


tru 1



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