Newell says there's still plenty of Half-Life left

hl2ep2With The Orange Box around the corner, some folks may be thinking what does Valve have up their sleeves once they finish Episode Three–the wrap up to the current Half-Life 2 storyline. But there’s nothing to fear, according to CVG, since Valve has plenty of Half-Life content left to craft games with.

Speaking with Gabe Newell, "But… we have this bible that covers a lot, and there’s a lot of interesting stories to tell. We’d certainly love to be working in other universes because any time you get two Valve people together they come up with five game ideas and thirteen universes that they would like to tell and play them in. So there’s a lot of Half-Life left at Valve."

With that said, Newell pointed to Portal, which is just one example of those "interesting stories to tell". Apparently Valve wanted to tell the story of Portal much later on and make way for other stories related to the Half-Life universe instead. But, as you can tell, Portal will be bundled with a slew of other games in The Orange Box.

In related news, GameDaily BIZ has the word that The Orange Box has gone gold for PC and Xbox 360 and is all primed for its October 10th release date. Curiously, the PS3 version is not mentioned. Even though the news is not 100% confirmed, it seems logical since October 10th is basically around the corner.

The Orange Box will include Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal.


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