Nielsen: In-game advertising works on gamers, wow!

advertisingMassive Inc., Microsoft’s owned video game advertising company, revealed some research figures regarding the effectiveness of in-game advertising. Conducted by Nielsen Entertainment, the numbers showed that, yes, in-game advertising works on gamers. Results are as followed:

1. Average brand familiarity increased by 64 percent
2. Average brand rating increased by 37 percent
3. Average purchase consideration increased by 41 percent
4. Average ad recall increased by 41 percent
5. Average ad rating increased by 69 percent

Cory Van Arsdale, CEO of Massive, said, "The results of this research prove what we’ve seen in more limited studies over the past three years. As marketers struggle to stand out in cluttered media forms, the Massive network provides both a deeply engaged audience and sophisticated capabilities for creative execution and delivery, resulting in memorable, positive impressions among highly desirable demographics."

Considering how "popular" it is lately for big corporations to scoop up advertising companies, it’s good to see data that actually shows how effective advertising is. Also since the move to in-game advertising is on the rise, looks like us gamers will be shelling out more bucks, not only for the game, but for the neat products our favorite game characters use.


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