Nintendo and GameStop offer Wii rain checks

Wii SantaReggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, has a novel, if not so satisfying solution for the many who will go through yet another Wii-less Christmas this year–put a Wii rain check under the Christmas tree.

I’m not sure if little Johnny will shout with glee at finding a certificate in lieu of the real game machine, but at least it’s something.

Nintendo is partnering up with GameStop to launch the first ever Wii rain check program. The way it works is that anyone who comes into GameStop between December 20 and 21, will be guaranteed a Wii for January by picking up a rain check. The catch is that you have to pay upfront for the full retail price and that you can only redeem the coupon at the point of purchase.

The rain checks are only redeemable for January 2008, so if you’re a procrastinator, kiss your 250 bucks goodbye.

Fils-Aimes thinks the rain check offer is an excellent idea. "We expect this to be a great way for consumers who desperately want a Wii to have something to put under the tree."

As to the constant shortages, Nintendo fanboy #1 said, "I get personal calls from people wanting to know why we don’t just manufacture more. Believe me, if it were that easy, we would.

"Production depends on components from a wide array of suppliers. If only one can’t increase their capacity, then we can’t increase ours. We’ll keep producing at that level for quite a while. When will we finally meet demand? There is no way to answer that question until we finally meet it."

Word out on the street is that big box retail outlets such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and others are getting ready to put as much Wii product on the shelves before Christmas. So you still might be able to snag one if you’re not naugty and just nice.

Ho, ho, ho.

[via MSNBC]


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