Nintendo Channel goes live

Earlier this morning, the Nintendo Channel (known as Everyone’s Nintendo Channel in Japan) went live in North America. So boot up your Wii and head over to the Shop Channel to download it. This new channel opens up several new and exciting features to Wii owners including the ability to watch videos, commercials, and interviews.

The channel also allows you to rate any game you’ve played for more than an hour. Nintendo will then use your ratings to recommend games to you, although some games are not currently available for rating. I really wanted to tell people how awesome No More Heroes was too, bummer.

The most exciting feature, however, is the ability to stream demos of DS games right to your DS. It’s like those DS Download Stations you sometimes see in stores only now you can do the same thing in the comfort of your home.

It seems to me that Nintendo is slowly but surely getting their online right. Mario Kart Wii’s online was spectacular and now this. Things are certainly looking up.

[Via Nintendo Channel]


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