Nintendo details first levels and more of Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword

Nintendo has come forth and dished out the details on the first pair of explorable areas that will take place on the surface in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in addition to features like dashing, the Kikwi tribe, dowsing, and Link’s slingshot.

Faron Woods will be the first stop for Link in his quest to find and rescue the yet again captured Zelda after leaving Skyloft. This is the first time Link will be on the surface, as few from Skyloft ever leave the floating island, and is meant to be a strange new experience for the young hero. Once through the woods, Link will find Skyview Temple, where he believes Zelda to be held.

The green-tunic-wearing elf will make his way to the Skyview Temple by way of Skyward Sword‘s new dowsing feature. Dowsing is done through Fi, the spirit in Link’s Goddess Sword, and will allow him to search for certain specific and chosen objects and characters by giving visual feedback on which general direction the target is located.

One of the things that can be targeted through dowsing is the Kikwi tribe. The Kikwi are named for their resemblance to the kiwi fruit and, if found, will aide Link in his search for Zelda.

Also added to Skyward Sword will be the ability to dash by holding down the A button. Doing so will also allow the player to perform a short wall run to grab cliff edges, but will also use up the game’s new endurance feature. Link will have a certain amount of rechargeable endurance that will cause him to move slower if used up via dashing and powerful attacks.

Link’s slingshot will have the ability to stun enemies and activate objects in the environment. To use the slingshot, the player will need to aim with via their Wii Remote Plus.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is set for a November 20 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.



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