Nintendo doesn't want gamers to be bored

iwataIn what is sure to shock Nintendo haters worldwide, Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata said, in a recent interview over at, that "If all our games mirror games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit, our gamers would soon grow bored."

We here at Gamernode apologize for not being on the scene at the time to make sure he didn’t have his fingers crossed, wasn’t being tied down by Nintendo fanboys demanding less shovelware and more first-party content or wasn’t some robotic monstrosity created with the sole purpose of spinning a web of lies to the oh-so-gullible gaming public.

Iwata must be the Nintendo representative to a new 12 step program. "It started simple. One game packed-in with the system *snicker,* well, we charged extra for it and no one really noticed. People loved the minigames so we started capitalizing on that and…*cries* I just can’t sleep anymore. Hello, my name is Satoru Iwata and Nintendo is addicted to minigames."

[via Gamepro]


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