Nintendo making 1.8 million Wiis per month

WiiSo we’ve all heard the accusations that Nintendo was holding back some of its Wii stock, just to make consumers want it more, but in a recent interview, The Big N’s George Harrison asserts that the company is doing all it can to meet the demands of the drooling masses.

"We’re still expecting some shortages in December. But we’re not going to be pulling back on our marketing."

"We’re at a rate now worldwide of about 1.8 million Wiis produced every month…We’re trying to make decisions on almost a weekly basis about which market to ship the product to…It’s almost an embarrassment of opportunity in terms of where to place those Wii hardware units."

They are producing 1.8 million Wii consoles a month, and they are still having trouble meeting demands? I guess that’s why Harrison also had this to say about the competition:

"It appears to us that Sony and Microsoft are fighting over the same customer and swapping market share. Our performance seems to be independent of those two."


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