Nintendo says only geeks would want an HDD for Wii

dynamiteAs many hardcore Wii-ites can attest to, there are only so many virtual console games and game saves that you can squeeze onto a flash memory card.

This proves to be a big pain in the posterior for those Wii owners who keep running out of memory space. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Wii had the capacity to allow an external HDD to be used?

Laurent Fischer, Nintendo’s marketing manager for Europe, made a statement about the odious situation regarding the Wii’s lack of a hard drive and said that only people that were "geeks and otaku" would ever want one.

Well, how’s that for real slick marketing technique? Obviously, Fischer comes from a different school of how to sell and make your products more appealing to the consumer–you insult them?

Regardless of Fischer’s smooth, polished sytle, it is obvious to many Wii fans that the constant swapping of memory cards gets old pretty fast and that even a small 20GB hard drive would be quite a nice accessory to have for the Wii.

By the way Laurent, your mommy loves Pauly Shore, so there!



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