Nintendo Slams Sony Controller

Some furious words were directed towards Sony by David Yarnton, general manager of Nintendo UK in a story posted by MCV. The charges? Sony is a copy-cat, and a big one.

Yarnton,s accusations follow the news of Sony,s unveiling of their “new” game controller at the E3 convention, which incorporates a motion-sensing feature. Nintendo,s Wii controller has long been known to have similar motion-detecting capability. Yarnton alluded to Sony stealing the idea from Nintendo by saying, "I,d love to dig up some old Phil Harrison (executive at Sony) comments and say ‘hang on a second – six months ago when we launched our controller you said one thing [by criticizing our controller], and now why are you doing this?,"

Yarnton continued to lob critical grenades at Sony by implying that Sony has routinely copied ideas from Nintendo by stating, "I don,t know what their decision making process is but I think if you look back, any innovation that has come in gameplay has come from us."

Yarnton may be somewhat correct in his assertions that Sony copies from others in pointing out Sony,s recent problems with the developers of rumble technology. Sony evidently infringed upon the patent and was subsequently sued by the developer. Yarnton elaborated by saying, "We know Sony have had a lot of issues with their rumble feature and they,ve had to withdraw it – because they didn,t innovate, they copied."


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