No Portal for you! For the Wii, that is…

Wii PortalOver the weekend, a rumor sprang forth stating that the highly acclaimed, mind bending puzzle game, Portal, was coming to the Nintendo Wii. Understandably, the internet was buzzing and Wii owners were smiling from ear to ear.

Sadly though, these rumors have been squashed by Valve’s own Doug Lombardi, who said a version of Portal for the Wii was not likely any time soon.

"It’s an extremely interesting idea, but there’s nothing in product – not yet, anyway."

While some Wii fans can hold out hope that Mr. Lombardi did not completely deny the idea, it is probably unlikely that Portal will come to the Wii. Sure, the Wii remote would work perfectly as a Portal gun, but there are other issues that have to be looked at.

At the moment, Portal is only a two to three hour experience. There is no way Valve could release the game separately and justify the typical price of $49.99 for a Wii game.

At the same time, Valve would have to consider the development costs they would have to spend up front in order to get Portal working on the Wii at a level everyone was happy with.

True, the Wii would probably have original content available for download at some point, but I highly doubt Valve will invest in something which hasn’t been proven yet. Portal works best in a compilation package like The Orange Box and not separately.

If Wii owners really want to play Portal that bad, purchase it for the PC or Xbox 360. Heck it’s not like either platform is a bad investment in terms of gaming entertainment.

[Via CVG]


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