Not so Alone anymore: The AITD Special Edition

Alone In The Dark Last generation special edition versions of games were not so special, charging an extra ten dollars for nothing more than a DVD most people never watch, and the occasional tin box.

This generation we’re seeing some pretty sweet deals. The Big Daddy figure in the BioShock special editon and the duffel bag/safety deposit box combo coming with GTA4 are far above and beyond anything we’ve seen before.

Details on the Alone In The Dark SE have come through the wire, and I must say, I am impressed. Besides the standard game + DVD scenario gamers have become accustomed to, Atari is also including a ton of other goodies. You will be getting a 60-page art book and an audio CD all wrapped up in a sweet-looking box.

It will also have the one thing that can always push me over to the SE side of things. A figure. I’m a sucker for an action figure. Though recently let down by the tiny Altier figure in my Assassins Creed SE, the Edward Carnby figure in this box looks very, very nice. And it’s pretty damn large to boot.

Though no US pricing is available I would expect having to drop an extra 20 dollars for this behemoth. A Jefferson worth spending I’d say. Pricing updates will appear as they become available. I’m sure GameStop will be taking preorders on this any minute now.


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