NY Halo 3 launch party recap

masterchiefcoolSo how did everyone’s Halo 3 launch go? You know what I did? Nothing. It was like a normal day for me. So to make myself look like a fool, here are some highlights from a launch party in New York. Trust me, nothing goes better with a Halo 3 launch than the following stories.

At a busy Best Buy in Manhattan, eager Halo 3 fans were lining up to nab a copy of the game. Mirroring all the glamour of a Hollywood movie premiere, this particular Best Buy was outfitted with spotlights, numerous enormous TVs broadcasting Halo 3 live and waiters carrying around trays of Halo 3-branded Mountain Dew.

Heck, it sounds like an awesome after-party. In fact, some famous rappers stopped by, such as Ludacris, Chingy and Bobby Valentino. In the end, they enjoy a good game every once in a while.

The line began around 6 PM and by 10:30 PM, the line expanded to several hundred. To excite the crowd, spectacles like three bikers dressed in Halo 3 outfits stopped by to rev up the crowd. Afterwards, a decked out Halo 3 hummer arrived and a dressed up Master Chief exited from the Hummer to present the first copies of the game to the lucky folks first in line.

In the end, it must have been an awesome experience to witness, and looking back what I did late last night definitely paled in comparison.

[Via CNET News]


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