One Terabyte of disc capacity coming

teradiscHow would you like a Terabyte of gaming on one disc? This sounds like science fiction, but according to, this maybe the Blu-ray and HD DVD killer in the very near future.

To put this all in perspective, you could store this much on a 1TB disc:






  • 1,000,000 Word documents
  • 250,000 MP3 files
  • 212 DVD movies
  • 20-40 Blu ray PS3 games
  • 212 DVD video games

Dr. Beth Erez said, ""The TeraDisc is made of a material which is highly responsive to two-photon writing and reading. This allows us to write anywhere in that we can focus a red laser onto the disc, e.g. multiple layers."

How many layers? At the moment, the TeraDisc is expected to have 200 5GB layers. The red laser is able to "probe" how deep it can go to read and write data. Good bye blue laser diode?

She continued, "When a red laser is focused to a small spot inside the TeraDisc, we can choose if we probe the state of this material (reading , low power) or alter it (writing at higher power). This is very similar to the way a regular CDR works, except for the fact that this is now done in 3D."

Imagine backing up your entire PC on just one disc. Erez estimates that this new technology will be available in about two to three years.

So in effect, the war between Blu-ray and HD DVD may come to an abrupt end in a very short time. But what isn’t stated is how much this wiz-bang technology will cost.

That, as they say, will be the rest of the story.


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