OPM spouts that Killzone 2 has best tech

KillZone 2I don’t know if you remember this back when the original Xbox was launched, but Killzone for the PS2 was dubbed the "Halo killer" before it was released.

This generated more buzz and hype about the game than it could deliver. When it was released, Killzone scored average reviews all across the board, sometimes dipping below par. The only place that gave it good marks was The Official PlayStation Magazine. All of a sudden I smell fish.

Well what do you know, Halo 3 is here and here comes another edition of Killzone 2… and guess who got the hands-on in Amsterdam–Official PlayStation Magazine! How about that?

After the exclusive hands-on, OPM concluded that Killzone 2 impresses the most with "the techonology, which is genuinely a notch ahead of anything being done on consoles right now." Uh, Like Lair was?

I know, you’re sick of hearing these pompous phrases. Seriously, even if Killzone 2 is that good, lets come up with a new selling point. I get that PS3 has incredible hardware that can’t be matched, and we haven’t tapped into even a fraction of it. Do me a favor, don’t remind me every week.

Let’s work on some indescribable or innovative game play to mix in with graphics. Last I checked, Killzone was plagued with bad A.I. and played like a dime a dozen FPS.

Any word on how they improved?

Via [pspsps.tv]


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