PA governor defends the ESRB

ed rendellPoliticians and video games aren’t a very good mix. I know you all have one or two politicians that come to mind who demean and brand a bad image into the minds of gamers and non gamers alike. But sometimes, there is one person in the sea of politicians that isn’t afraid to come out and defend video games and the ESRB. This time, that man is Pennsylvania’s State Governor Ed Rendell, and to see just how serious he is about, he’ll go on TV to prove it!

Governer Rendell is teaming up with the ESRB to create a public announcement educating parents on the ESRB’s rating system and its benefits. Meanwhile, at the Video Game Voters Network, a page has been erected in which people can send their thank you letters straight to the governor. If you want to send a thank you letter as well, just click on the link provided here.

Isn’t he a nice guy? I’m sure that from a lot of us, a big "Thank You" goes out for the help in maintaining the positive views that video games deserve, and reminding parents that they’re in charge of what their kids play, not the industry. If only he would talk some of his friends around the country into following his footsteps…

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