PC Orange Box dismantled on April 9th

Orange BoxRemember when GamerNode told you that Valve was planning to break up that uber bundle of gaming known as the Orange Box and redistribute each game individually? Well, we weren’t lying.

Valve has confirmed that the package will indeed be separated into its constituent parts and sold off like a stolen car at the local chop shop. On April 9th, Portal will retail for $19.95, while Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 will cost $29.99 each.

Doing the math in this equation will reveal that the whole package will soon cost a total of 80 dollars. That’s not even including the two other games currently included in the Orange Box (but they don’t count, do they?).

So far, this divorce will only apply to the PC version of the game, but I’d imagine the 360 version can’t be too far behind. In either case, I recommend that anyone who wants all five games should get around to making that purchase within the next month, regardless of platform. Why haven’t you already, anyway?



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Eddie has been writing about games on the interwebz for over ten years. You can find him Editor-in-Chiefing around these parts, or talking nonsense on Twitter @eddieinzauto.

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