Peter Jackson team takes control of Halo

Master ChiefRevealed by a number of job openings in Microsoft Game Studios, Bungie will no longer create further Halo titles. Don’t cry just yet! MGS has created a new division to create future Halo games, with Bungie watching over like some divine entity.

So, who is directing the first game produced by this development team? Why, Peter Jackson, of course! Not pleased with the Halo movie being shelved indefinitely, Jackson has taken charge of the next game, and is hard at work designing the future installment of the Halo franchise by working with Microsoft and Bungie.

This raises plenty of questions, namely "What game is being produced?" An answer to this may have been given as well. With speculation that the game would be the mysterious and elusive Jackson game announced in ’06, dubbed "Chronicles," Microsoft confirmed the gossip and rumors. The game, though nothing has been learned about what it is about, is apparently the first game being worked on by this team.

What does this mean for the future of Halo? For one thing, Bungie will not be directly profiting from the series any longer. They state that future games will be akin to Halo Wars. While the games will be made by a different studio, Bungie will have an active role in design and story. This also means that new ideas can now be implanted into the series, expanding the Halo universe, and revitalizing a series that has been, for the past two installments, a recycled game.

Let’s just hope that this new studio can set things right with Halo and do something new with it.


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