Peter Moore, the 360, PS3, Vista and more

peter moore and microsoftAs the dust settles from what was the announcement that Xbox boss Peter Moore was leaving Microsoft to head-up EA Sports for Electronic Arts, Moore left some parting words when he spoke with Next Generation about Microsoft’s business, the future of PC gaming and the PlayStation 3 price cut.

Moore, first, downplayed the rather hefty bill Microsoft has to pay for repair bills for the problematic Xbox 360. "A billion dollars’ is not an easy thing to say. I think [the new policy is] going to help us in the long run and put a lot more confidence behind the product." He’s quick to point out that all console manufactures will face problems, but Microsoft, "is not going to say to the world what issues we have."

Second, despite Microsoft’s mega push to rejuvenate the PC gaming business — Windows Vista, Games for Windows – LIVE service, Games for Windows initiative, Moore is still rather speculative about the future of PC gaming.

"I am very worried about the health of the PC gaming business. If I take the MMOs out of it, we’re still seeing a year-on-year decline for the last five years for packaged goods in the PC world… Microsoft’s going to stand up and say look, we’re going to take care of this on our own dime."

In addition, Moore stated that in retail outlets, the console retail sections are always clean and organized but the PC gaming retail sections are a mess. He reiterates that if you want something done, do it yourself, "Two three years from now I think we’ll finely crack it."

Lastly, Moore had parting words about the PlayStation 3’s price cut. In fact, Moore doesn’t even consider the price cut an actual price cut. "The thing is, that really wasn’t a price cut. [PS3s] are still priced at $499 and $599… But Xbox 360 is $299, $399 and $479. They’re still at 500 bucks and 600 bucks."

"I’m feeling that the publicity around the pricing adjustment is going to drive some sales but Sony’s tracking 20,000 PS3s a week, which is not very good. We’re doing somewhere in the region of double to two-and-a-half times that."


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