Phil Harrison of Sony won't say why he quit

phil harisonThis week Phil Harrison, the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that he was quitting his post after 15 loyal years at Sony. But at an official Sony function, held in London recently, celebrating the one millionth PS3 sold; Harrison remained tightlipped and elusive about the reasons why he was leaving.

One of the guests at the party remarked, "He was completely avoiding saying anything about where he was going. He just laughed off the fact that people think he’s going to Atari by saying something like, ‘You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet.’"

Another event participant said Harrison was adamant in not talking about the matter. "He just wouldn’t talk about [why he’d left Sony], and we were pretty much instructed by Sony just to leave him alone and let him have a nice evening. It was the first thing [UK PR] said: he doesn’t want to talk about leaving or anything to do with it and just let him get on with it, sort of thing. He was chatting to everyone. He wasn’t hiding, or anything."

Although Harrison wasn’t speaking his mind on why he left Sony, the scuttlebutt going around the game industry speculates that Harrison left because he was angry and frustrated with having to deal with Sony headquarters in Japan– and more specifically, his strained relationship with Sony president Kaz Hirai.

We may never know the real reason why Harrison left but one thing is apparent, he has left his mark on the Sony PlayStation line; from the PS1 all away to the PS3 and PSP.

[via videogaming247]


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