Play movies on your Wii. But…

WiiNachoThe exclusion of the ability to play movies on the Wii wasn’t that big of a deal for a lot people because many households have a DVD player already. But some enterprising "fans" (wink,wink) have decided that this should not be and have devised a way of getting the Wii to do it.

MaxConsole reports that Team Symboite is issuing software based upon the combined efforts of many hackers in solving the "how to play DVD movies on the Wii" puzzle. But if you want to do this, you’ll need a modded Wii, (which Mario really frowns upon) and the homebrew program named YAOSM 1.8.

If the Wii can play movies through homebrew code, perhaps Nintendo’s little white box may have some secrets hidden away inside that just might allow it to do this one day through an update. It sure would make a lot more sense then trying to sell an external DVD player for the Wii at $100 or more.



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