Play Perplex City and Win Lots of $$$$

Have you ever spent sleepless nights thinking about acquiring the rare Pokemon card, Charizard? Or did you jump with joy upon getting one of the super-rare Exodia pieces in the Yu-Gi-OH! card game? While these memories may be warm and fuzzy for some of us, it has nothing over the planned release of the card game, Perplex City, by Mind Candy. The collectable cards will not only provide hours of puzzle solving entertainment and collectable fun for purchasers, (at about 5 bucks a pack) but will offer the chance for card gamers to win $200,000 for finding the stolen Receda Cube. According to the official site, On the puzzle cards, you can find information about Perplex City – our history and people, how we think, website addresses and phone numbers – and most importantly, about the theft of the Cube. On the back of 192 of the cards is a 3D map spanning all of central Perplex City, which may prove useful in investigating the theft and learning about our city. Perplex City has a total of 256 different cards. The puzzle cards feature mazes, riddles, crosswords, illusions, and questions about pop culture. Michael Smith, CEO of Mind Candy said of the game in an interview with the BBC, “It’s not an easy concept to describe! Perplex City is a global treasure hunt that is played simultaneously by thousands of people via email, web, mobile, print and a wide range of other media. It’s part story, part game and part puzzle.” The card game is known as an ARG, or alternate reality game. Smith explained, The genre is still in its infancy, but has I think a hugely exciting future. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what can be achieved with this new form of storytelling and gameplay.” So put those Pokemon and Yu-Gi-OH! cards away, because the ARGs are on the way.


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