Playing Lost Odyssey with Sakaguchi. Who?

Lost OddyseyDuring yesterday’s pre-press conference at theTokyo Game Show, Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy legacy, showcased his new baby: Lost Odyssey.

Sakaguchi demoed Lost Odyssey by playing the first 10 minutes on the JumboTron for onlookers. For the most part it seemed very cinematic, with vast landscapes and a dramatic rainfall.

The environment seems very interactive, with showers of rain actually effecting the main character’s movement, Kain. Sakaguchi attempted to explain the specifics of the battle system, but was inadvertently drowned out by the epic music of the game.

From a visual perspective, the fighting delivers some vicious attacks for players to oogle at.

Sakaguchi also managed to reach the first boss, giving us a glimpse of how challenging boss fights will be. Targeting circles appear around the boss requiring specific button input. Timing counts here, as they rate your button press with perfect, good, or whatever else to say you suck. After pressing the correct button, the camera will swing to the character’s perspective for a gritty view of the action.

Sakaguchi is quickly dispatched by the giant flying boss. After the wave of laughter settles, Sakaguchi apologizes. Looks like it’ll be a very challenging game with lots of potential. Keep your eyes and ears open for the November Press conference on Lost Odyssey.



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