PlayStation 3 has hidden power say biased sources

Playstation 3Sony has been saying it for years, but it looks like the developers are finally agreeing with them. For the longest time they’ve been telling us about the "true power" of the PS3. They are even beginning to understand what Ken Kutaragi meant when he said, "4-D Graphics."

Just kidding, Kutaragi is still insane. But everything else was true.

A new article on has quotes from a number of different PS3 development sources.

"Once you put the effort in and start to understand the hardware, you can see PS3’s huge technical potential," said Dave Connell, lead console programmer at Traveller’s Tales. "We are going to see the quality of PS3 titles improve for many years to come as people get to grips with them. It might turn out that things we’ve not even thought of end up best demonstrating the power of PS3."

Epic’s Mark Rein is very pleased with the direction that the Playstation Network is headed in. Specifically, he’s pumped because with Unreal Tournament 3, he and his team were allowed to give players access to mods and user generated content. This type of thing is only going to get more common and more user friendly what with LittleBigPlanet on the horizon to set the industry standard.

Insomniac even chimed in (though it’s not exactly a surprise, they love Sony.) They said that with the next generation of PS3 dev kits, gamers can expect a similar improvement from the first to the second. He points to Resistance as a 30fps first generation title , and Ratchet and Clank Future as a second generation 60fps title.

This would seem to be pretty good news for PS3 owners. It’s always nice to hear how great your console is. Even if the testimonial comes from a developer that hasn’t made a non-Sony product in…oh, wait, Insomniac has never released a product on a non-Sony platform. Then there’s Mark Rein who is still in the middle of a feud with Microsoft. Traveller’s Tales rounds out the list, but I missed the part where their opinion matters. They haven’t made a non-movie licensed game in more than two years.

But don’t listen to me, I’m just a reporter, my opinion isn’t supposed to be in this article in the first place. Not that you could stop me if you tried. GamerNode doesn’t pay well enough for me to keep my gob shut.


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