Prez says: "Not worth it" for Europe to get 80GB PS3

ps3 boxAccording to David Reeves, President of Sony Entertainment Computer Europe, the reason why Europe is not getting the 80GB PlayStation 3 is because "it’s not worth it".

I’m sure he’s not doing any favors for Sony HQ after making these these comments — especially for his comrades in the North American department since the 60GB package is being phased out in favor for the 80GB over here.

Reeves simply stated that it wouldn’t be a good value for release in Europe, "You know, the difference between 60 and the 80 gigabyte is very small. We just feel that going up 20 gigabyte is not worth it. If you’re going to double it, it’s worth it. So maybe you’ll see something a little bit later, but 60 and 80? Really not much difference."

So I reckon that Sony thinks American folks are gullible enough to scoop up the 80GB version just for a mere extra 20GB and a game. Isn’t that something?

After Sony announced that the 60GB PS3 would be discontinued by the end of July in the U.S. and announced the 80GB will be the same price as the original 60GB PS3 model upon its debut, I think Sony is playing us for chumps.

[Via GWN]


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