Pro Tip: The World Ends With You

I have been playing The World Ends With You for the past couple of weeks. It is a fantastic game and anyone with a DS should pick it up. However, I’m not going to suggest anyone go out and purchase this game at its current 40 dollar price point.

Really, wait until it drops to 35 or even 30. I only picked it up because I had a 25 dollar gift card to Best Buy that had been sitting around since Christmas and the game intrigued me.

I’m just going to go over this broad brush, to give you a feel for how the game works. You are part of some weird screwed up game. You have seven days to stay alive and complete seven missions (one per day).

You go around the game collecting pins. These pins have abilities that you can use to fight Noise (invisible monsters). You can shoot fire, summon lightning, use telekinesis etc, to fight the Noise depending on what pins you have activated.

You level up your pins based on how often you use them in combat. Your character also levels up, but it’s more important to level up your pins (or so it seems). There are 3 ways to level up your pins. Fighting, doing nothing, and making actual human friends. Since making actual human friends isn’t really a Pro Tip, it’s more of a Life Tip, we won’t be discussing that one. And since fighting the Noise in the game is something you have to do anyway that would be kind of a Lame Tip.

Pro Tip: Be selective when you turn off your DS.

That leaves only the doing nothing. When you turn off your DS any pins you have activated will slowly gain experience points. They will rank up for 7 whole days. So if you’re trying to build up your telekinesis ability or your stupid ice thingy just bring those pins into play, save your game and shut off your DS. When you turn it on again you will be one step closer to the next level, or even pin mastery.

I made the mistake of turning off my DS with all maxed out pins for three whole days. To think of the amount of XP I lost… well, it boggles the mind. This week’s tip will hopefully stop you from making the same mistake I made.

There are so many things to do in this game I had a real problem focusing in and picking one thing for this week’s tip. It is a game I absolutely recommend you play. The game is filled to the proverbial brim with things to buy, food to eat, Noise to fight, and pins to collect.

There are also a ton of things that are probably side quests, that I don’t even have time for, or blow right past trying to play the main storyline. It doesn’t look like you can go backwards to do those side missions later, which is a shame. I totally missed out on buying throat lozenges, and I was really excited for that.

[Creighton DeSimone]


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