Project Gotham Racing 4 arcade mode details

PGR4On Bizarre Creations’ website, they have revealed a few details regarding the arcade mode in their upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4.

This portion of the game is divided into "chapters," each characterized by a specific driving style such as drifting, chase, bike-only, etc. Success in these events earns the player awards, and there will be 108 of them, total. The more skilled the racer, the better the prize (Champions get platinum medals. Wooo!)

The full list of events is as follows:

Catch me if you can

1. Street Race, Palace Square (St Petersburg), Overcast
2. Street Race, Nevskiy Run (St Petersburg), Clear
3. Street Race, Pushkin’s Places (St Petersburg), Fog
4. One-on-one, Embankments and Parks (St Petersburg), Overcast
5. Street Race, Parliament Hill (Quebec), Clear
6. Eliminator, Twisted Old Port (Quebec), Overcast

Drifto 101

1. Superstar, Rampart Run (Quebec), Rain
2. Time Vs Kudos, Spring Mountain Turns (Las Vegas), Overcast
3. Cone Sprint, MGM Grand-Bellagio Loop (Las Vegas), Rain
4. Superstar, Buccaneer Loop (Las Vegas), Overcast
5. Time Vs Kudos, The Grand Theatre (Shanghai), Clear
6. Cone Attack, South Strip Loop (Las Vegas), Storm

Final Countdown

1. Speed Challenge, Shanghai Grand Slam (Shanghai), Clear
2. Breakthrough, Landmark Tour (Shanghai), Rain
3. Eliminator, Kazanskiy Cathedral (St Petersburg), Overcast
4. Eliminator, The Hermitage Race (St Petersburg), Fog
5. Speed Challenge, Half F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Clear
6. Breakthrough, Shinjuku Speedway (Tokyo), Storm

Two Wheels Only (bike events only)

1. Street Race, Jiu Fu Loop (Shanghai), Clear
2. Eliminator, Long Strip Straights (Las Vegas), Fog
3. Overtake, Neon Tour (Shanghai), Clear
4. Street Race, Half F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Overcast
5. One-on-one, B-Circuit (Shanghai), Clear
6. Street Race, Estrada de S Francisco (Macau), Clear

Horses for Courses (car events only)

1. Cone Sprint, Instituto Politecnico (Macau), Overcast
2. Super Cone Sprint, Sprint 1 (St Petersburg), Overcast
3. Cone Attack, Shanghai Old Town (Shanghai), Clear
4. Cone Sprint, Whitehall Straits (London), Clear
5. Cone Attack, Jiu Fu Loop (Shanghai), Clear
6. Super Cone Sprint, Sprint 2 (St Petersburg), Ice

Rough Riders

1. Overtake, Museum Loop (Shanghai), Rain
2. Eliminator, The Bulldog (London), Storm
3. Overtake, Tochomae Loop (Tokyo), Rain
4. Eliminator, Las Vegas Blvd Tour (Las Vegas), Rain
5. Street Race, Instituto Politecnico (Macau), Fog
6. Street Race, La Grande Allee (Quebec), Rain


1. Speed Challenge, Shanghai Grand Slam (Shanghai), Clear
2. Breakthrough, The Outskirts (New York), Overcast
3. Street Race, The Admiralty (St Petersburg), Clear
4. Hot Lap, Ekimae Loop (Tokyo), Fog
5. Hot Lap, Avenida de Dr Rodrigues (Macau), Clear
6. Eliminator, Avenida da Amizade (Macau), Overcast

Steamroller World Tour

1. Street Race, Old Port Short (Quebec), Clear
2. One-on-one, Her Majesty’s Pleasure (London), Rain
3. Street Race, The Hermitage Race (St Petersburg), Overcast
4. One-on-one, Twisted Straits (New York City), Rain
5. Eliminator, Moika Turns (St Petersburg), Rain
6. One-on-one, Parliament Hill (Quebec), Clear

Trackday Specials

1. Eliminator, Full F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Clear
2. Eliminator, The Short Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
3. Time Vs Kudos, The Medium Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
4. Street Race, Nordschliefe (Nurburgring), Rain
5. Breakthrough, The Ultimate Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
6. Street Race, The Behemoth (Nurburgring), Clear

Ultimate Challenge

1. Breakthrough, Chateau Frontenac (Quebec), Fog
2. Speed Challenge, La Haute-Ville (Quebec), Overcast
3. Overtake, The Bulldog (London), Overcast
4. Time Vs Kudos, Crazy Turns (Tokyo), Rain
5. Cone Sprint, The Triangle Building (Tokyo), Rain
6. Eliminator, Hotel Lisboa (Macau), Overcast



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