Project Natal to possibly be renamed 'Wave'

Natal Wave

The rumor mill is already churning as we approach this year’s E3 conference. One of the summer’s major players is Microsoft, who’s been hard at work on its highly anticipated (and much speculated about) Project Natal. Staff Writer Mike Murphy provided details on rumored pricing of the device earlier this week. Yesterday, NowGamer, referencing an inside source close to Microsoft, revealed that the project may be renamed ‘Wave’ at E3 this June.

Considering that Natal is a motion-based peripheral, ‘Wave’ would be an appropriate name that’s both descriptive and easy to remember. Sony, who officially debuted their ‘Move’ device a few months ago at GDC, may have started a naming trend, relying on a simple yet effective title.

We won’t know for sure what to call Project Natal until after Microsoft’s annual conference, but for now, be prepared to ride the ‘Wave’ this fall when motion gaming comes to the Xbox 360.



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