PS3 Madden 08 will not play at 60 fps?

madden08What’s worse, ugly visuals or a poor frame rate when it comes to playing a game? I could suffer through a game that looks ugly, but if plays like a hog, then we got problems. Apparently the word about a few upcoming EA Sports games, NCAA Football 08 and Madden 08, is that certain platform releases will be capped at specific frame rates.

Initially, these two games will run at 30 fps on the PS3 and 60 fps on the Xbox 360 but follow-up reports stated that the PS3 version would also be at 60 fps. The best of both worlds, right? However, the latest reports have quotes from EA Tiburon (developer behind Madden 08) stating the PS3 version of that game will not run at the before mentioned 60 fps.

I definitely know the differences between playing a game at 30 fps, compared to 60 fps, because there is a pretty big difference. Our own editor-in-chief Brendon stated in the NCAA Football 08 Xbox 360 review that "the framerate has been bumped up noticeably (on the 360, at least – the PS3 still chugs along at 30fps). It may not seem like much, but the improvement makes the game play much more realistically, and allows for a lot of little things you haven’t seen before."

Hopefully this doesn’t spell trouble for Madden 08 fans. But in the end, there will be a difference.

[Via PSX Extreme]


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