PS3 owners whine, receive Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta bacon

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Xbox 360 gamers eager to dive into the combat zones of the upcoming Battlefied: Bad Company 2 wound up dismayed when developer DICE chose to bestow the multiplayer beta exclusively for PS3 owners (and for PC owners who pre-ordered the game) last November.

Initially, DICE’s reasoning for snubbing Xbox 360 gamers pertained to legal disputes and logisitcal impediments. Senior Producer Robert Bach, however, has a different tune to sing on the matter.

In an interview with French gaming website XboxMag360, Bach regrets the fallout that was caused by the beta of Battlefield: Bad Company being exclusive to the Xbox 360.

"We had made an exclusive on Xbox 360 for the first Battlefield: Bad Company and we had lots of negative feedback from the PS3 community, so this time we decided to turn the wheel and serving players on Playstation 3. But we always look to make a demo available on all platforms, so the 360 community should not be disappointed."

Apparently, PS3 gamers raised such a big stink that DICE eventually caved in and threw them a bone in the form of BC2‘s beta, but at the cost of possibly alienating their Xbox 360 audience. It’s a fine line to tread when pleasing the gamer hordes from every platform — but should a developer contain such significant vulnerability?



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