PS3 price cut doubletalk in action from Ubisoft

yves2The head of Ubisoft has recently made us all bang our collective heads against the wall recently.

Ubisoft CEO ,Yves Guillemot, recently made a big fuss that PS3 should drop its price signifigantly, "quite signifigantly" to quote the guy.

But apparently Sony must have sent over a basket of flowers and/or death threats, because the latest interview with Ubisoft’s confused brain-trust says that the PS3 DID in fact have the right price point at launch.

Guillemot clarified his statement with a reminder that lower priced consoles sold better in the last generation and was not directly refering to the PS3. He continued his dizzy double talk well into the night.

So let’s recap this; Guillemot thinks that the PS3 is too expensive, but also "just right," but could and probably should be lower priced to be more accessible? Yves Guillemot has apparently missed his calling as a philosopher — (or politician. — ed.)

Does he go to a restaraunt and orders the steak, but with no meat, but it’s ok to bring meat if the meal normally comes with it? But I digress.

His interview did provide some interesting insight and solid advice about price cuts for the upcoming holiday season and how this upcoming Christmas season will likely prove the first real testing ground of all 3 major consoles.

Which strangely enough, I agree with.

[via gameindustry]


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