PS3 realizes achievements make you play more

ps3 achievementOne of the things that the Xbox 360 is known for is the achievement system. Gamers who play Xbox 360 can unlock points by completing certain tasks in the game to show off how big of a nerd they really are. Sony is realizing the brilliance of this idea and is going to implement their own type of achievement system.

Sony already announced a "Trophy Room" idea that will be made availabe when Home is released to show off the trophies that you managed to win while playing PS3 games. Other than that we don’t know much, like how you will exactly obtain these trophies, and if every game will have this trophy system implemented. The PS3’s new achievement system will be more than just a number that you can show off to your friends however.

According to Eric Lampel, director of the Playstation Network, "achievements will recognise our consumers’ gaming skills and loyalty in new ways". What that actually means is anyone’s guess, but the marketing people over at Microsoft sure knew what they were looking for to boost up sales. Achievements definitely play a role in most gamers decisions when it comes to really playing all that the game offers from beginning to end.

[via mygen]


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