Psyclone Wii-mote charger stirs up a big storm

wii chargerA charging device for WiiMotes may not only be faulty, but may also cause damage to the motion controllers as well, as many found out during the Christmas holidays.

The Psyclone Essentials Recharge Station for the Wii, which is sold by many big box retail stores such as Circuit City and Target, has been reported to melt or damage WiiMotes if left in the charger too long or in less sever cases-simply does not charge the controllers at all.

According to reviews of the Psyclone recharing station on, almost all of them have warned that the unit is a fire hazard or a product that will permanently fry your Wii controllers. Apparently, the warnings and high disapproval rating of the Psyclone charger has had its availability status on Amazon changed to ‘currently unavailable.’

However, the makers of the charging station state on their website:

"WARNING – Rechargeable batteries left unattended in the recharge unit for an extended period of time may cause the batteries and/or unit to overheat. If the Wii (TM) remote doesn’t charge properly or begins to heat up, please stop the charge process and contact our customer service line to prevent further damage…"

Psyclone states that they will be happy to assist any customers who are having problems with their charger. For the full details, log on to their official site.

However, if the numerous negative reviews on the Psyclone charger are true and you are interested in a product like this, it will probably be safer to just avoid this particular brand althogether.

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