Reggie crows about Nintendo

Reggie Fils AimeMercury News blogger Dean Takahashi and cohort Nooch recently got a chance to sit down with Reggie Fils Aime on their video podcast.

The first subject they touched on was the continuing dominance of Nintendo products in the gaming platform market. As usual, Wii, and DS came in first and second respectively in the monthly NPD reports, and Reggie had more than a little bit to say on that topic.

He went off on his usual tirade about how Nintendo is expanding the market, and how Wii is immersing gamers and getting them more involved with their games. All very standard stuff if you’re at all familiar with the patterns of Fils Aime.

It does get a little bit more interesting later on though, when Reggie has to choke back his laughter and change the subject when he is asked whether the new slim design PSP will affect DS inventory.

He then addressed the subject later saying, "I held a [PSP Slim] in my hands yesterday. I think most consumers will be hard pressed to tell the difference. I find myself fortunate that they continue to struggle a little bit."

That was pretty much the only time where anything interesting came out of the 17 minute interview. Other than that, what we got was essentially 15 minutes of opportunities for Reggie to brag. First it was about Wii, then it was DS, later on it was about his Wii Tennis skills.

He does mention towards the end when asked what games he’s been playing, that he’s been playing Brain Age 2, Metroid Prime 3, Bioshock, and "a couple PS3 games."

I’m not calling the guy a liar or anything, but I do find it rather interesting that the President of Nintendo of America has more free time for games than I do.


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