Resident Evil 5 online co-op details emerge

re5So what would be the biggest selling point of Resident Evil 5? Sure, it has the similar control set up of RE4, and undoubtedly some of the prettiest graphics to hit the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

But does a tweaked control system and HD visuals make it worth buying? Many, including myself, would say yes. Still, there is a part of all of us who hopes there will be more to RE5. Good thing these hopes came true.

How does online co-op sound? UK magazine Xbox 360 has recently thrown up a new preview of RE5 and the biggest highlight of the article is the ability for players to fight through hell together.

For those too ignorant to understand how cool this is, or for the others to pass it off as a feature that surely all games have, remember back to playing RE4 with friends watching. Remember the screams and jumps as that lone villager made it through the pack and slashes Leon, or another’s head burst open to reveal some horrific parasite? Ok now imagine having backup, or watching from afar as your friend is attacked in-game. Excited yet?

In addition to the co-op, the more action oriented Mercenaries mini-game is making a return, with a tweaked gameplay style which allows for players to use cover and dodge attacks using the right analog stick.

But probably the most secretive but biggest selling point of RE5 is the story. Thankfully, some details emerged about this as well from the preview. The game starts in an unknown African village, where initially everybody is fine. No infection, no zombies, no gigantic troll like giants.

That all changes though when a nearby volcano erupts, spreading another virus which had been lying dormant in the volcano. Could this volcano house a virus that the Umbrella corporation used to start the mess at Raccoon city, or is it a totally new strain which Umbrella is after? Seeing as how Albert Wesker is making a return in RE5, we will find out eventually. RE5 won’t launch until 2009.

[Via 1up]


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