Resident Evil 6’s zombies use guns, players can shoot while moving

Capcom revealed today that Chris Redfield’s campaign in Resident Evil 6 will take players to the “fictitious coastal town” of Lanshiang, China to take on running, jumping, gun-toting zombies. That’s right – in addition to the occasional chainsaw, certain zombies will also have access to guns. Surely dying from a zombie’s gunfire is much scarier than getting eaten alive, right?

The game will also feature a new enemy type known as the J’avo. Able to work together as a group and understand speech, the J’avo are faster and more aggressive than regular zombies. J’avo can regenerate health, and when certain body parts take massive damage, they’ll mutate and grant the J’avo new attacks and powers.

Resident Evil 6 will take place in 2013, and feature an “evolved control system,” allowing players to run and shoot at the same time, slide, roll, and take cover. No word yet on who the “mysterious third companion” is – only that he’s a mercenary currently fighting a bloody war in Eastern Europe.


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One Comment on "Resident Evil 6’s zombies use guns, players can shoot while moving"

  1. Anonymous February 15, 2012 at 12:07 pm -

    Cool. Running and shooting. If they didn’t add that by this game, there would be a sh*tstorm. Honestly, though, as an old-school RE fan, I’d prefer a return to the original style, like we saw in the RE5 DLC, Lost in Nightmares.

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