Resistance 2 Update!

resistance 2More info has risen from the depths of the rumor abyss, but this time these rumors were put to the test. How did they do? They came back being truthful and oh so sweet to hear. Over at the PlayThree blog, new information on Resistance 2 can be found, covering aspects of the games single-player and multi-player features.

According to the upcoming March edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, it has revealed a number of new and exciting details. Let’s take a gander.

* There are 3 co-op character classes. Soldier, medic, and special-ops trooper. Each can collect XP points to improve their skills (ala Call of Duty 4.)

* Resistance 2 will feature the Chimera in a major onslaught at the San Francisco Bay Bridge and other American landmarks. They are coming…

* The 60 person multiplayer game will be divided into 2 teams of 30. Each team will be divided into smaller squads with their own objectives.

* The Splitter is a new weapon, a mini-gun that can spray a barrage of rounds

* Special abilities can be ‘charged up’ by killing aliens. If your shields are down, kill more aliens to recharge.

* The medic will shoot a special gun on the injured

* The new stalker has been significantly upgraded in detail level and functionality. It now features a big red eye at the front.

* New super-bosses. Giant size. That arent taken down the same way as other enemies are taken down. They have full AI, and dynamic animation.

Later on lead designer Colin Munson says, "Eight players is that sweet team size. It’s enough so that you pretty much know the people on your team but it’s big enough to let new players in." The co-op campaign will focus on teamwork, with the game testing players ability to work together. "The initial bridge attack forces players to deal with danger from multiple angles. The Titans meanswhile require the squad to divide and conquer, as these behomoths can easily take out an entire squad with one hit from a rocket cannon."

In terms of the the storyline, "Resistance 2 continues where the first game finished, with Nathan travelling to Iceland, the base of SRPA (Special Projects Research Administration.) When he gets there he discovers that there are others humans who have been infected by mutant DNA who also have mutant healing and telepathic abilities. They have been bought together as a task force known as the Sentinels, each with their own abilities and weapons."

Man this game is sounding sweeter and sweeter. Will the PS3 finally have their face in the spotlight for a breathtaking single and multiplayer shooter experience? 30 vs 30 multiplayer definitely sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully players will utilize their headsets and use teamwork to get through the "different than single-player" co-op missions.


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